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BKS Dance Program Ages 2  - up yrs - Preprofessional - Recreational Programs  - Offer Classes in Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations, Partnering, Hip-hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Aerial

Join us at Body Barre Fitness to Tone, Sculpt, Lift, Lengthen! First Class is always free for new students.  


Becoming a Barre Instructor is easier than you think. Our program is: affordable, we provide continuing education, and mentoring to all teachers in training at no additional costs.  We focus on training Barre instructors that teach high intensity Barre Classes while focusing on safety, placement and technique. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Barre Instructor email us at or call us at 603-964-0086.

 Body Barre Fitness

Teacher Training

Workshops 1 & 2, Sunday, October 20th 9- 5:00 pm

Cost $400

Become a Certified Barre Instructor  

Step 1 – Completion of Workshop 1

Step 2 – Workshop 2 Focus Deeper on Developing Technique, Placement, Combinations, and Music.

Step 3 – Mat 101 Class

Step 4 – Mentoring Program

Step 5 – Individual Hours Teaching to Complete Certification 


For more information on the Body Barre Fitness Teacher Training Program contact us by email or phone 603-964-0086.




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